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Post-wedding Blues?

Has anyone actually been disappointed in their "big day"?  I felt so stressed about planning & all the DIY details, that when the day finally came, I couldn't even relax & enjoy myself.  The day feels a big blur, and I feel like I was barely "present" for most of the thing.

zip to corset back

Hi all,

Unfortunately my weight has been doing major yo yos in the last year.  It will hopefully be on the down-side by my wedding, but since I lose and gain weight really quickly, I'm a little worried that my dress won't fit correctly (it currently has a zip back and is a little on the large side).  Since corset backs are a little more forgiving in that situation (and I love them anyway) I was wondering if any of you have altered a zip dress to have a corset back.  If so, how hard was it to do yourself (I've sewn IN zippers before, but never ripped them out)?  If you had it done professionally, how much did it cost?  None of the beading touches the zipper area, so none of the embroidery or beads would need to be re-done.  And I have almost 8 months until the wedding, if that makes a difference.

very late introduction

I have been a member of this community for a long time, but I don't remember ever introducing myself, so here it is.

Name: Hélène (FH is Alexandre)

Wedding Date: Sunday, May 16th, it will at lunch time

Wedding Location: Montreal, Canada, in an ancient brewery that is now rentable (nothing is included, just the room, tables and chairs), it's just next a river and the interior is all in rocks and wood, very pretty, and the ceremony will be in my own church which doesn't look much like a church, but is still pretty

Wedding colors/theme: There is a subtle vintage theme, inspired by my 40's dress. The colours will be green, orange, pink and creme.

What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding?
- part of the food (trays of veggies, fruits and cheeses, salads, and probably cookies as favours)
- invitations (I have just started and I'm very excited about them, they are supposed to look like the corseted back of my wedding dress)
- decor (not sure what this will consist of yet, so far, just folding tons of paper cranes)
- cake stands for centerpieces (there will be one small cake on each table which will double duty as centerpieces and dessert)
- probably flowers

Hello everyone!

Name: Cynthia
Wedding Date: October 2nd, 2010
Wedding Location: In-law's house in Miami
Wedding colors/theme: Japanese, Cherry Blossoms, pink and white
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? So far I have decided to make a lot of the food myself, invitations and flower pieces.
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Name: Morgan
Wedding Date: October 30,2010
Wedding Location: Upstate NY
Wedding colors/theme: Vintage Gangster theme (Halloween, with costumes), Black, Red and White colors
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? Save The Dates, Invitations, Bouquets, Boutaineers, Dress, make-up, decorating, center pieces, guest book, favors


 Name: crazyyetsane
Wedding Date: January 10, 2010
Wedding Location: Seattle, WA
Wedding colors/theme: Blue, white, silver
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? So far I have done my own invitations.  I'm planning on doing my own hair and make-up along with my girls hair and make-up.  I will be doing my own bouquet as well as my girls bouquets.  I'm also playing with the idea of making my own cake.
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Lughnasadh wedding

I just found out via a friend that our wedding is planned for Lughnasadh eve. I don't know a whole lot about Pagan holidays (please correct more or inform me better if I get any of this wrong Pagan folk!) but my impression from reading around the interwebs is that this particular feast/holiday is about harvest, bounty and things coming together. It was traditionally at time in Ireland where people would handfast, and have a trial marriage for one year. Anyways it sound like a terribly appropriate time to get married. Neither my FH nor I are Pagan, however we have a lot of respect for a lot of the elements of Paganism that I am aware of, especially when it comes to respecting nature, the elements and the natural flow of things. So this is very cool. Those of you who are Pagan, are there any ways that we may be able to integrate a small part of that holiday into our wedding, paying respect to it so to speak, without being offensive since we are not our selves Pagan?

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Why, hello!

Name: Roxanne (how surprising!) and Zack
Wedding Date: Late Summer, 2011
Wedding Location: Either Kruger Farm or Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, OR
Wedding colors/theme: Collapse )
We are going for a rustic southern feel. Like sunday dinner at Granny's farm. 
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? Close to everything: Invites, wine, beer, centerpieces and decor, flowers, gifts, favors.

I am constantly amazed at how creative and talented everyone is.  I'll be posting my DIY projects as I start and finish them.  I also post regularly on my blog about inspiration, finds, personal happenings, and projects. I can't wait to see more from you all!