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Jul. 6th, 2010




Name: Whitney
Wedding Date: Not set/plans for April 2011
Wedding Location: Virginia- actively searching for a venue
Wedding colors/theme: Purple with yellow accents/travel theme
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? I will be making my own invitations and programs to follow the travel theme- a boarding pass as an invitation and a passport for a program. I will also be making all bouquets and boutonnieres, etc. and all table decorations. I may potentially make favors as well... once I decide what they will be!

Jul. 2nd, 2010

look up


Intro post

Name: Krystal
Wedding Date: 27th August 2010
Wedding Location: Newcastle, UK. We both live there :)
Wedding colors/theme: Purple, Black and Silver.
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? I'm making my own artificial flowers using a big batch of fake petals I bought on ebay - 3000 of them for about £20. I'm making a bouquet for myself and small ones for each bridesmaid, and then lots more for centrepieces. I'll be making the stems of the flowers out of silver jewellery wire. I'm also making scented candles as favours. Not sure if it counts, but I'm doing my own makeup as well as all the bridesmaids' makeup and my mum's. And finally, if I have time, I would really like to make my own jewellery, as I do quite a lot of simple wire and bead work. But that really depends on how long the flowers and candles take me!

Jun. 17th, 2010


Intro Post

Name: Candyce
Wedding Date: Late March/Early April 2011
Wedding Location: Austin, TX (or thereabouts)
Wedding colors/theme: The theme is Mad Hatter Garden Tea Party. The colors are blue, green, silver, and white.
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? Looking for any ideas. Will likely do all the stationery ourselves, some decorations... don't know what else. We're trying to use friends for "vendors" as much as possible.

We're on a very tight budget and looking for awesome, inexpensive ideas to throw a whimsically bizarre wedding.

Jun. 1st, 2010



Hi there. I got engaged back in May (oh so long ago) and, although obviously the actual date is far off, I kind of want to start gathering ideas and finding places in our budget that can be trimmed through doing-it-ourselves. My fiance and I are both young and I'm in college, so our budget is probably going to be around 5000$.

Name: Jenn
Wedding Date: Summer 2013
Wedding Location:  Still up for debate. Considering going up to the Muskokas (we're in Ontario) or doing something in someone's backyard.
Wedding colors/theme: Colours, dunno yet. I figure we'll decide on flowers before committing to those. Theme ... I really want something vintage and artsy, while still being pretty and romantic.
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? Good question. I'm at school for arts and figure that I can handle anything graphic required (like invitations, placeholders, et cetera). I'm imagining that my dress will be pre-loved and then altered to my tastes, and I don't want to fork out thousands of dollars for a photographer, so hopefully one of our relatives will be willing to help out. Food is an issue, but my beau and I have more or less agreed that something barbeque-y is up our alley. My mum makes it sound like she wants to be in charge of cake design/ baking, so all the power to her.
I think when it comes down it, I'm looking for inspiration that's not just me DIYing everything, but family and friends chipping in too.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading about everyone's projects!

May. 16th, 2010


New Here

I just got engaged yesterday, so, any and all details below could change, but, these are the basics as I see them now:

Name: Lara
Wedding Date: March 2011
Wedding Location: Dunedin, FL
Wedding colors/theme: silver, burgundy and black
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? As many as possible. My ex-MIL has offered to make my cake as a gift (she's a chef). Another caterer friend has offered to do our food at cost. I plan to make my invitations, decorations, veil, bouquet, favors, and anything else I can handle. I also have two thrifted dresses that I plan to alter for my daughters to wear as bridesmaid dresses.

Can't wait to start poring over the community and finding some ideas!

May. 10th, 2010



ideas for vegetarian self-catering?

Hey all! My partner and I are getting married in October, but unfortunately she was just laid off and I'm trying to find a way to bring costs down, so I'm tossing around the idea of self-catering the wedding. (Crazy! I know!)

As a former veg with a ton of veg friends and family, it's important that there be a satisfying, tasty veggie option, but I'm having trouble coming up with one. The ideal meal would be:

-easy to make en masse (no fussy twelve-step processes)
-easy to transport
-cost-effective (no ridiculously rare/expensive ingredients)

Bonus points for something that could be served cold, though I fear that's asking a bit much.

Any ideas? Thanks so much!

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May. 7th, 2010

Dr Who: Time to Save the Universe. In Co


Looking for Lanterns

I am looking for round paper lanterns for our wedding reception. All sizes and colors. I know I can go out and buy them myself, but I'd feel better if I could recycle another brides decorations. I have no real number in mind as far as how many we will need, and the reception isn't until January. If you have, or will have, any between now and mid-December and would like to get rid of them, please email me pictures, or at least sizes nad colors and what you would like to get for them.

If this isn't allowed, then I apologize and will promptly delete the post. I know I cannot post items for sale, but this is an item I'm looking for for our diy decorations.

Many thanks!

x-posted to a few wedding comm's I'm in.

May. 19th, 2010



boutonnieres and card box

here's what I've made lately:Collapse )

And although I liked the table name cards from my last post:
I realized they didn't match with anything I had so I'm remaking them. That's my project for this week.

Apr. 19th, 2010

death plate


Our DIY, Vintage-Inspired, Halloween Wedding.

Ok, so I've been mostly lurking and not posting. So here's a big update post!

Cut for your bandwith Sanity!Collapse )

Mar. 26th, 2010


Anyone need an inspiration board?

hi, I have a wedding inspiration blog where I make inspiration boards (a group of pictures that help you plan out your wedding).  I was wondering if any of you brides would like me to make an inspiration board for you!!  All you have to do is e-mail me (my e-mail is on my blog right in the top left paragraph) or just leave a comment here with your colors, wedding date, theme... anything else you might like included in the board!  If you'd like to check out my blog and see what its all about here's a link inspiringbrides.blogspot.com/

I also am going to have a contest soon where you could win something from etsy so stay tuned to my blog to watch out for that!  Thanks for your time ladies, I'm just trying to help people out :]

Mar. 25th, 2010



2 diy projects

Project #1: invitationsCollapse )

Project #2: table namesCollapse )

Mar. 20th, 2010



Seat cards? Escort cards?

I never know what to call these things...

So in the recent torrential downpour in the northeast, my mom's friend lost a cherry tree.  However, it ended up being a gain for my wedding!

Sorry about the Windex, it was the only thing within reach that everyone knows the size of.  

So they're going to have a washed out picture of us in it with the "Mr & Mirs Blah Table 2" printed over it.  And they double as favors because it's a picture frame!  (In addition to the wine my grandpa is making.)

Feb. 22nd, 2010


Save the Dates... done! :D

FH and I put together our STDs Saturday! They are completely DIY, and after I was done printing the magnets, the backing, and our address on the backs of the envelopes, we stuck the magnets into the backing and sealed 'em up! All they're waiting for now are the addresses for our guests. ;)

Check 'em out, let me know what you think!

STD magnets!Collapse )
x-posted to [info]weddingplans :)

Feb. 9th, 2010



Take Out Boxes

So, I've been looking around for take out boxes (like what you get at Chinese take out restaurants) for our candy bar. Does anyone have any experience making these? If I can get them from a restaurant supplier, I can get them fairly cheaply, but I've found many templates online. Just wondering what kind of paper you make them out of and if they're cheaper to just buy than to try to make 100 of... I want them to be sturdy enough to hold candy after all!


This is driving me INSANE!

Ok, so I know that someone has to be addicted to the wedding blogosphere like I am. A few days (a week? More?) ago one of the big sites posted a photoshoot (not a Real Wedding) of this GORGEOUS dress that looked like it was organza and these little pink roses, heavy in around the waist then sprawling out. Does ANYONE remember what blog it was or have a photo or SOMETHING?

DIY related because I want my sister to make it for me. :-D

Jan. 24th, 2010


Printing paper products (ooh, alliteration!)

For those of you DIY-ing your own invitations and are printing them at home (or somewhere other than professionally), what kind of paper are you using? How about ink? What program? How many are you printing, and how many (millions of) ink cartridges have you or do you think you'll be using?

I ask because I have my STDs (lol), invitations, RSVP cards, and so forth already set to go in Photoshop, and I want to know what would work best and how much I should expect to spend. I already know that I want to print the STDs (lol again) on magnet paper that can fit through a printer, but I don't want the rest of the paper stuff to be too crazy. :)



Invitations & Cakeknife set

I have just finished my first DIY wedding projects. I did my first invitation... just a rough draft & I subtly decorated the cake knife & server set that I bought from a local divorcee for $10 [I didn't know the horror story until I went to pick the items up!] Anyway, here goes...

Invitations & Cakeknife/Server picsCollapse )

Jan. 19th, 2010


(no subject)

Name: Janel
Wedding Date: June 2011, not specific date picked yet
Wedding Location: Southern California, no idea where we're holding it we're debating between a park or garden reception or trying to find someone's backyard for something more casual
Wedding colors/theme: I'm going for a pink & white gardeny wedding with a touch of vintage whimsy (very romantic, with mismatched shabby chic accents and some butterflies because I love them)
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? Anything I can! I've got some inspiration photos for stuff I love, but since everything is still in the idea stage of wedding planning I dont know exactly what we will be doing. I know I want to make long strings of paper garland. I also want a very shabby chic wedding banner. I know my mom and I will be making all the favors. Right now I'm also tossing around the idea of home-made suckers in my wedding colors or buying fortune cookies in bulk and dipping them in white chocolate and pink sprinkles. Basically, almost all the decor and flowers will be DIY by me with my mom's help. M

Jan. 9th, 2010


Questions regarding invitations

I have the design completed for the wedding invitations I'm going to use, completely homemade [which I will post after I finish with some small details]. But there are a few things I'm still confused about. I did look through all the invitation posts here & although they were quite helpful in the actual construction of my invitations, they didn't seem to answer the specific questions.

1. Why do invitations only state the place/time for the ceremony & have the reception on a separate, detachable sheet of paper? This confuses me because if the sheet with the reception information is detachable so that guests can travel with it to find the place, shouldn't that be the case for the ceremony as well?

2. Is it improper/inappropriate/informal to have the ceremony & reception address included on the actual invitation & not on a detachable sheet?

3. If there is a detachable sheet for the reception, what information would you include other than the time/place the reception is being held? I do not need to include accomodations as there aren't any guests who will require them, & I plan on including maps & directions on my wedding site itself.

4. I want to include in my invitation a reminder to bring cameras, inform them that the meal is potluck buffet style, & also direct them to my wedding website for more information such as maps & such. Where/how would I incorporate that into my actual invitation? Would it all go on the detachable reception sheet if I had one? I assume it's too informal to go on the written invitation part...

Sorry for all the questions... I'm still learning some of the wedding etiquette & trying to understand how & why things are done the way they are. =) Any thoughts/opinions/ideas greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Jan. 4th, 2010



(no subject)

I need to find ideas to decorate my church.
So far, my FH's imput in wedding planning has been to veto a bunch of my ideas, but he has only made 2 requests: that we serve a hot meal and that we have flowers in front of the church to decorate. I just don't know how to do this. The only thing I'm thinking is that it will be very expensive. I wasn't planning on using a florist, I just thought I would make my bouquets and boutonnieres myself and that we wouldn't need much flowers to decorate. But if we need big pots of flowers in front, then I don't think I can do it myself.

I also can't really picture it. How would the flowers go actually? And what would they be in? I was thinking for a while of making some kind of fake flowers topiaries, but I don't know if I can pull it off so that it looks nice without costing too much. So any imput would be appreciated cause I'm clueless.

here are some pictures of the church for inspirationCollapse )

Jan. 3rd, 2010



Beach Wedding - First Post

Wedding Date: Aug/Sept 2010
Wedding Location: Coastal Massachusetts
Wedding colors/theme: Beige (sand) and pale turquoise (water). Theme is elegant Cape Cod summer - seashells, blue hydrangea, driftwood, beach glass, ivory roses, dunes, water...
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding?: Ack! Right now we're in the beginning stages, but we're thinking invites, escort cards, favors, possibly flowers (bouquets and centerpieces) and maybe some of the food depending on where we hold the wedding. 

Our ideal is to rent a house and have the wedding mostly outdoors. I'm seeking advice from anyone who has done a beach themed wedding and especially people in Massachusetts who might know of good locations/vendors for buying the flowers, putting together centerpieces, invites, etc. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment! We've only just got our budget together and haven't booked a single thing yet.


Here are some links to pictures to get a feel for the general themes we're going for:


Jan. 2nd, 2010


ceremony decorations

Hello everyone!

I am getting married this September and it will be an outdoor ceremony, around 1 pm. The area doesn't have any flowers growing in the area where the ceremony will be held, but there are plenty of trees. I am hoping for some pretty fall colors, but it's early in September, so I am probably going to be helping mother nature a bit in decorating for the ceremony. Do you guys have any suggestions? I was thinking of something papery in the trees. I will probably have white paper bags decorated with lace lining the aisles. They will have candles in them for a soft glow.

I know I've seen pictures of fab outdoor settings (snippet & ink, I'm looking at you!) but I can't find any now that I *want* them, yanno?

[Edit} I'm going for a fairly casual feel here. Giant vases of red roses with swarovski crystal centers aren't really my thing, pretty as they may be.

Dec. 29th, 2009

me brunette


Tea Party Wedding

Name: jenna
Wedding Date: February or March 2010
Wedding Location: Southern California backyard wedding
Wedding colors/theme: Tea Party, don't really have a color theme atm
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? Making fingerfoods/cupcakes, some decorations having to do with tea cups, cupcake holders, tea lights. I am at a lost of what to do!!!

Read more...Collapse )

Nov. 20th, 2009

Robin Marian


Help! Need a cake topper!

My fiance and I are getting married in January, and our theme is "A Midwinter Night's Dream." We're going for a sort of wintry, vaguely medieval-renaissance-fantasy feel for it all, without being too cheesy. A friend is making our cake, with lots of trailing vines and snowflakes and such. Our problem? We need a cake topper!

Okay, I know, we don't NEED a cake topper, it's not a law or anything, but I like the idea of a cake topper we can save after the wedding. :)

But unfortunately, we're pretty clueless as to what to use. We don't want one of those typical couple figurines, and we don't want the kinda cheesy Amy Brown-esque fairy figurines that you see in just about every kitsch store out there.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to DIY it, if possible, but I've no experience sculpting at all... I'd be happy to make use of someone else's DIY skillz, though, if someone's got any ideas! Lacking any other ideas, we might go with Wall-E and Eve, since we both loved that movie, but that doesn't fit terribly well with the theme. I have an idea in my head of a pair of butterflies sitting together on a flower or something, which I might be able to make myself, but I'm not sure if it'd look as nice in reality as I see it in my head... I don't know! Help! :-)

Nov. 18th, 2009



Intro post

My fiance and I are trying to save money and have decided to do a lot of DIY projects so I thought this'd be a great place to get some ideas!

Name: Vickey
Wedding Date: unsure. Either 10/15/10 or 12/?/11
Wedding Location: upstate New York. Exact venue TBD
Wedding colors/theme: If it's 10/15, chocolate and red. If it's December, red and black with hints of white.
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? We're a lot of stuff ourselves including: save the dates, invitations, programs, placeholders (if we have them), favors, seating charts (again if we have them), probably thank you cards, centerpieces, unity candle/sand set, the ring bearer's pillow and flower girl basket, possibly the flowers (ribbon roses), probably my veil, and I'm also probably missing a thousand things! Oh, and at the rehearsal dinner, we're going to read vows we wrote but at the ceremony we're doing "traditional" to have and to hold, to love, honor, and obey type vows.

I can't wait to get ideas and to see all of your DIY projects! :)

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