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Kimi & Kyle - 2yr Wed Shot Standing

mamakimi in diy_weddings

Intro & Question

Wedding Date: April 2012, we haven't picked the exact date yet.
Wedding Location: Sedona, AZ
Wedding colors/theme: No theme or colors picked out yet.
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? I will pretty much be doing most of the stuff myself. We are already married but have decided for our 5 year renew our vowes. We are planning this from 1,500 miles away. We aren't doing a reception & the place where we are having a ceremony is in the National Forest so we will just need a permit. So, for us, there isn't a lot of physical stuff involved.

I do however have a question about the DIY bouquets. I did try & look at the tags a bit but didn't find anything.

As much love flowers, I am sick of seeing them the same way for almost all weddings. I am a photographer & shoot close to 30 weddings a year. I am sort of jaded when it comes to weddings now because it is the same thing every weekend of the most part. It really is inspiring to see something different & that is what I am going to strive for when it comes to my wedding. I am wearing a white dress, but a short one so I can show off my awesome shoes. No black tuxes & ties. Just different.

So my question. I am madly in love with this style of bouquet.

Anyone here made one like that? I found a bunch of DIY stuff on Google & Youtube about making them but am curious to see if anyone here has made them. I am super crafty so I know this is something I could easily do. I know that finding the brooches will probably be th hardest part. But, any tips on making them if you have before. I am about a year out so I have time to find them & I know some of my friends offered to send some to me so that there would be some meaning to them as well.

So yes! Super excited to do another DIY wedding!


I have several ones bookmarked. I am curious if anyone has made them/used them.
I'm currently making one for my bouquet! I'm using floral wire (18-20 gauge I think) and I am using the technique where you bend the wire in half to create a looped end and two loose ends and use that to weave through the brooch however is appropriate. It really depends on each individual brooch. I'm also using some larger clip-on earrings. Finding the brooches IS the hardest part, because the best ones can be so pricey. I think I've probably ended up settling with some of mine that I don't really care for as much, but together they all still look awesome. Maybe I'll splurge on a few more closer to the wedding day. (I'm cheap - to me, $17-$40 for a pin is ridiculous. I'm looking for $8 and under.)

I plan to wrap all the stems with floral tape once I get them all wired, and then beautify that with some ribbon or something.
Yeah, I totally agree on the clip on earrings. I found a bunch of those for much cheaper than most of my brooches. Its also nice to have a variation of sizes.
Great idea about the earrings!!! My mother in law has a TON of old clip on earrings that she doesn't wear & lets my daughter play with when we go there. I should see if she would let me have some of it.
I haven't made mine yet, but I plan to. But I won't be getting married for another two years. However, I've already collected about 25 brooches. I believe I will be incorporating artificial white flowers in with my white, rhinestone, and silver brooches. Again, I don't plan on getting married for another two years, so I probably won't actually assemble my bouquet until much later on, but I'm interested to see if anyone here has done one.
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