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becomingthemrs in diy_weddings

Looking for DIYers & Guest Bloggers

Hello everyone,

I have 2 sites www.becomingthemrs.com and www.diyweddingsmag.com We are always interested in featuring diy projects to help inspire other brides.  If the project is really good we will feature it in our Wedding Magazine. Projects must come with good high resolution photos.

I am also seeking guest bloggers. If you are obessed with  weddings and need an outlet to post to, please contact me. We have guidelines posted on both sites under {GB} Guest Bloggers. We look forward to hearing from you.


I'd be interested in being a guest blogger. I am one of those "we are engaged, and plan to get married (probably in 2012), but life is getting in the way" brides so I can offer that perspective. I plan to go DIY for my centerpieces, favors (marble magnets), brooch bouquet, invitations, programs, and more. I have gotten started on the centerpieces, favors and the brooch bouquet.


Guest Blogger


2012 isn't that far off and you really need a good year to plan so don't rush it and don't feel bad that life has been "getting in your way", you want it to be perfect and maybe it is being pushed back for a good reason. Life is funny like that. Maybe your perfect dress hasn't been made yet. Or maybe that perfect venue isn't in your budget today but because of the tough economy the price will be reduced and obtainable when your ready. So stay positive. After all you only get married once and you want it to be special.

Now back to guest blogging - if you have something already prepared please send it me at kym{@} becomingthemrs{dot}com and any future emails as well. Please reference "Guest Blogger" in the subject line since I don't have your real name here. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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