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Intro Post

A friend pointed me to this community, so I made a live-journal account and joined. I'm just figuring out the layout of the site, so forgive me if I'm bumbling. As for the wedding, a whole lot is still up in the air here (I'm really not the wedding-planning type, but I'll admit it's kind of fun). Hopefully I can start making some decisions and getting things started soon, though there is still plenty of time before the wedding.

Name: Sarah
Wedding Date: November 2012 (probably)
Wedding Location: Either New York, North Carolina, or Georgia - our families are really spread out across the East coast, so the location will depend on what's convenient for the most people.
Wedding colors/theme: I haven't really decided. I'm liking light, cool minty greenish blues, with either gold or orange, but that's definitely not set in stone. I want the feel of a country fair, but in November, an outdoor wedding might cause some complications, so I may go for something totally different.
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? The budget is super limited, so any Invitations, decorations and favors I want to have will have to be handmade and super cheap. I'm hoping I can find friends to help with a cake and wedding photos. The dress I will probably find second hand and tailor it myself. Oh, and the best part -  I will be making my wedding rings!

As I am new to both Livejournal and to wedding planning, I would be very happy to make some new friends :)
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