Toto (celestialnyte) wrote in diy_weddings,

Newbie and hello!

Name: Tori
Wedding Date: February 19, 2011
Wedding Location: Connecticut
Wedding colors/theme: colors are chocolate brown and aqua with orange accents
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? save the dates, favors, invitations, pew enders (i don't know what to call them .. the things that we're putting on the outside of the pews in the middle aisle), and i'm sure a ton of other things that i can't remember right now. if it's not diy, we've found friends that are going to be doing it for us either free, or really really cheap. (our photographer is charging us $150 for engagement pictures and then 10 hours on our wedding day, and we get a CD of each of these days, and have permission to make as many copies as we'd like -- we just had to give permission for her to use the pictures for her portfolio)
Tags: type: introduction
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