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Cupcake tower support?

I went through some of the older posts and didn't see a lot on cupcake towers....  I purchased carboard cake rounds (enough for 5 tiers with 8 inches being the smallest tier).  I have plans to paint (and seal) the cardboard, and put ribbon around the edges, but for the life of me I am stumped what to use between the tiers that will provide ample support but not take up too much room from the cupcakes on the tiers.....



Maybe a thin foam-core board?
Er, tube. *headdesk*
Where do I procure such an item? I have not seen anything like this in the craft stores near me? But I may not have been looking....what will it be grouped with?
It should be with any styrofoam or foam shapes that they may have. I'd ask a worker if they have premade shapes like tubes made out of something like that in your area!
Painted PVC pipe?

The stand I borrowed was a metal pipe, and the metal disks were kinda welded to it.
This looks awesome, although much too small for what I need. My tiers are graded 16 inches to 8 inches (I think), and hopefully will hold almost 100 cupcakes....the other 50+ I'll have to put around the base at the table. I do enjoy the beaded embellishments on these, I'll have to see what I can find now!
I did see this last night too while I was browsing. Thanks for looking. They do work well with the terra cotta plates but I'm worried they'll be to heavy for my carboard rounds.
I spoke to a baker who offered a cardboard cakestand that you could decorate and then recycle after the wedding, it was a few cardboard disks depending on how tall and then cardboard rectangles about the diameter on the tier they were supporting with a notch in the middle, so they could be crisscrossed together for stability.. does that make any sense? then you would hot glue the tiers together so it didn't tip.
This makes perfect sense, and I do have an awful lot of carboard hanging around the house...I see another repurposing project on the horizon! Thanks!
depending on how big the rounds are, i've found this as inspiration for my tower.. i'm doing a mix of the 2 with cake boards and 1'2" PVC pie painted blue:

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