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Hi there. I got engaged back in May (oh so long ago) and, although obviously the actual date is far off, I kind of want to start gathering ideas and finding places in our budget that can be trimmed through doing-it-ourselves. My fiance and I are both young and I'm in college, so our budget is probably going to be around 5000$.

Name: Jenn
Wedding Date: Summer 2013
Wedding Location:  Still up for debate. Considering going up to the Muskokas (we're in Ontario) or doing something in someone's backyard.
Wedding colors/theme: Colours, dunno yet. I figure we'll decide on flowers before committing to those. Theme ... I really want something vintage and artsy, while still being pretty and romantic.
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? Good question. I'm at school for arts and figure that I can handle anything graphic required (like invitations, placeholders, et cetera). I'm imagining that my dress will be pre-loved and then altered to my tastes, and I don't want to fork out thousands of dollars for a photographer, so hopefully one of our relatives will be willing to help out. Food is an issue, but my beau and I have more or less agreed that something barbeque-y is up our alley. My mum makes it sound like she wants to be in charge of cake design/ baking, so all the power to her.
I think when it comes down it, I'm looking for inspiration that's not just me DIYing everything, but family and friends chipping in too.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading about everyone's projects!
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