Lara (msretro) wrote in diy_weddings,

New Here

I just got engaged yesterday, so, any and all details below could change, but, these are the basics as I see them now:

Name: Lara
Wedding Date: March 2011
Wedding Location: Dunedin, FL
Wedding colors/theme: silver, burgundy and black
What DIY projects are you doing for your wedding? As many as possible. My ex-MIL has offered to make my cake as a gift (she's a chef). Another caterer friend has offered to do our food at cost. I plan to make my invitations, decorations, veil, bouquet, favors, and anything else I can handle. I also have two thrifted dresses that I plan to alter for my daughters to wear as bridesmaid dresses.

Can't wait to start poring over the community and finding some ideas!
Tags: type: introduction
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