Becca (beekerzwhirled) wrote in diy_weddings,

Looking for Lanterns

I am looking for round paper lanterns for our wedding reception. All sizes and colors. I know I can go out and buy them myself, but I'd feel better if I could recycle another brides decorations. I have no real number in mind as far as how many we will need, and the reception isn't until January. If you have, or will have, any between now and mid-December and would like to get rid of them, please email me pictures, or at least sizes nad colors and what you would like to get for them.

If this isn't allowed, then I apologize and will promptly delete the post. I know I cannot post items for sale, but this is an item I'm looking for for our diy decorations.

Many thanks!

x-posted to a few wedding comm's I'm in.
Tags: reception decor: miscellaneous
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