fun aunt helene (satinelune) wrote in diy_weddings,
fun aunt helene

boutonnieres and card box

I made boutonnieres and corsages from this tutorial:

The green ones are for the men. I will glue a pin on the back. The ivory ones are for the women. I'll sew them on small fabric bracelets so they can tie them to their wrists.

And I made a card box:

I covered a box with fabric and used stuffed bears I already have. I sewed a veil on the girl's head and I think I'll make the boy a little bowtie so he looks more like a groom. The little signs say "Thank you" in French and Portuguese.

And although I liked the table name cards from my last post:
I realized they didn't match with anything I had so I'm remaking them. That's my project for this week.
Tags: floral: boutonniere
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