The Story of M (autopsycorpses) wrote in diy_weddings,
The Story of M

Our DIY, Vintage-Inspired, Halloween Wedding.

Ok, so I've been mostly lurking and not posting. So here's a big update post!

I finished the bouquets and bout's (in order below, MOH, bridesmaid, mine), the flower girl's pomander, and the parent's corsages.

We printed RSVP postcards from vistaprint, and got 100, but I only needed 70. So I am in the midst of repurposing the left-over post-cards into mtachbook covers!

We ended up ordering invites from etsy, but they were so darn cool I couldn't resist!

My aunt is making my dress , here's my pattern:

Now I just need to decide if I want white or black polkadots!

I bought a bunch of makeup and have been practicing, no pics of me yet, but here's Dita, my inspiration:

Our tablescapes (rectangular tables) will have black linens, a central skull, and grouped pillar candles, with faux pearl beads criss-crossing along the lnegth. 

I think thats it for now!  We still have to order DF's suit (I'll hem it myself), and we bought Tommy guns and cigars for the men
(Their inspiration below).

And I have been toying with the idea of making my own veil, but need to figure out A) how my hair will be the day of, and B)How to  make a veil!

Tags: attire: bridal gown, beauty: make-up, floral: boutonniere, floral: corsage, paper products: reply cards, reception decor: non-floral centerpieces
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