Nacho Cheese (nacho_cheese) wrote in diy_weddings,
Nacho Cheese

Printing paper products (ooh, alliteration!)

For those of you DIY-ing your own invitations and are printing them at home (or somewhere other than professionally), what kind of paper are you using? How about ink? What program? How many are you printing, and how many (millions of) ink cartridges have you or do you think you'll be using?

I ask because I have my STDs (lol), invitations, RSVP cards, and so forth already set to go in Photoshop, and I want to know what would work best and how much I should expect to spend. I already know that I want to print the STDs (lol again) on magnet paper that can fit through a printer, but I don't want the rest of the paper stuff to be too crazy. :)

Tags: paper products: paper
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