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Questions regarding invitations

I have the design completed for the wedding invitations I'm going to use, completely homemade [which I will post after I finish with some small details]. But there are a few things I'm still confused about. I did look through all the invitation posts here & although they were quite helpful in the actual construction of my invitations, they didn't seem to answer the specific questions.

1. Why do invitations only state the place/time for the ceremony & have the reception on a separate, detachable sheet of paper? This confuses me because if the sheet with the reception information is detachable so that guests can travel with it to find the place, shouldn't that be the case for the ceremony as well?

2. Is it improper/inappropriate/informal to have the ceremony & reception address included on the actual invitation & not on a detachable sheet?

3. If there is a detachable sheet for the reception, what information would you include other than the time/place the reception is being held? I do not need to include accomodations as there aren't any guests who will require them, & I plan on including maps & directions on my wedding site itself.

4. I want to include in my invitation a reminder to bring cameras, inform them that the meal is potluck buffet style, & also direct them to my wedding website for more information such as maps & such. Where/how would I incorporate that into my actual invitation? Would it all go on the detachable reception sheet if I had one? I assume it's too informal to go on the written invitation part...

Sorry for all the questions... I'm still learning some of the wedding etiquette & trying to understand how & why things are done the way they are. =) Any thoughts/opinions/ideas greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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