Kat (wanderingbastet) wrote in diy_weddings,

Help! Need a cake topper!

My fiance and I are getting married in January, and our theme is "A Midwinter Night's Dream." We're going for a sort of wintry, vaguely medieval-renaissance-fantasy feel for it all, without being too cheesy. A friend is making our cake, with lots of trailing vines and snowflakes and such. Our problem? We need a cake topper!

Okay, I know, we don't NEED a cake topper, it's not a law or anything, but I like the idea of a cake topper we can save after the wedding. :)

But unfortunately, we're pretty clueless as to what to use. We don't want one of those typical couple figurines, and we don't want the kinda cheesy Amy Brown-esque fairy figurines that you see in just about every kitsch store out there.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to DIY it, if possible, but I've no experience sculpting at all... I'd be happy to make use of someone else's DIY skillz, though, if someone's got any ideas! Lacking any other ideas, we might go with Wall-E and Eve, since we both loved that movie, but that doesn't fit terribly well with the theme. I have an idea in my head of a pair of butterflies sitting together on a flower or something, which I might be able to make myself, but I'm not sure if it'd look as nice in reality as I see it in my head... I don't know! Help! :-)
Tags: reception decor: cake topper, type: help/question
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