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cake topper

i made my own cake topper

details behind cut

this was my inspiration. i looked up the company that makes these and they start at $500 and take at least 4 months. i wanted one though, so i just did it myself. theirs are totally cute though and if i was recklessly wealthy i would have bought one.

it took about 4 trips to jo-anns and hobby lobby

and the first thing i did was make little bodies. eep we are so nakked.

ed is a powerlifter, so i made him look a little more beefy

and then i made little clothing

but doing all the little detail work was the most fun, aside from superglueing my fingers together and burning the crap out of my thumb with the hot glue gun

(^nina garcia would not be amused by that seam)

here's us for reference

the suit was made by wrapping black velvet ribbon around the body and stitching in place, and then the lapels were added seperately.
the goatee is made with little tiny orange twigs individually superglued on with tweezers.

my dress is made from the alteration scraps of my actual wedding gown:

and i put a layer of beige felt under to puff it out and make it less see-though, so i wouldn't have to add the 5000 layers of fluff that are in my actual dress ;p

i think the materials total ran me about $25 and it took me maybe 9 hours spread over 3 nights. but i work slow and watch tv and really futzed with it to make it look just like i wanted. less is more.

now i just need a cake!! :D


OMG That is so cute!!!
that is amazing!
That is adorable! And how much neater 'cause you made it yourself; that way you have all that satisfaction whenever you look at it.

'Sides, superglueing my fingers together and burning the crap out of my thumb, isn't that SOP for projects like that? Adds to the fun of telling the story for all those years to come.

Good for you!
youre a genius!!! i love it!
I think yours looks WAY more cute than the 500 dollar one. Those are awesome!!! If we were having a traditional cake I'd want toppers like that. However our cake will be shaped like a bunch of tulips so there would be no where to put a topper. Those are fantastic.
this is the most adorable thing I have seen!!
sure thing :D
how about can i post it on weddingbee.com? someone just posted that recently they liked these. you did an amazing job. i was like noooo way can i recreate that. but yours are perfect!
sure, that looks like a cute site :)
thank you!
That's so cute!!

BTW: You remind me of Holly from The Girl's Next Door (Hef's fiance)
hahaha omg my favorite show of the moment. i'll have to tell ed you said that! (i hope holly doesn't kick bridget and k-dub out though, i <3 those girls) lol
that is amazingly cute!!
You did it! It's so so cute!!
OMG! That is amazing work! You're really talented to have seen that picture and pulled that off... You should consider making them in your free time and selling them on ebay or something. :) I think yours are cuter anyway. :)
That is so cute!
That is AWESOME!!! and I bet it will be a even better keepsake since you made it yourself!! I love it!!
Wow! You could seriously sell those for a lot of money.
Freaking adorable!1!
I wish I had the patience for that. It's soo adorable!
wow, yours could totally be from the same designer. great job! RAWK!
Oh my lord, that is amazing! You could definitely sell them on ebay. Adorable.
Oh wow! That is sooo cute!
That's awesome-- you did an extremely nice job & it's really, really cute. YAY!
yours is totally amazing! i am so jealous.

what is the name of the company who made the original one?



That's Awesome! You did an amazing job on those! I think they are an adorable idea and a great way to personalize the wedding a little.

Yours is way, way cuter than the original!
Sorry, I'm lurking, but I just want to say THAT IS SO GOOD! You rule!


So cute...

I personally think yours is cuter than the one you copied....very well done. --M

Cake topper

very excited that I found your blog. I too, want to copy the Patch NY cake topper. I was wondering if you drilled a hole into the head part.

Yours is really incredible. Good job!

Re: Cake topper

Hi! Sorry it took so long to get back to you! Thanks for your comment! I bought little wooden beads for the heads that already had holes drilled in the bottoms - I got them at Jo-anns in the wood-craft section. Good luck!

melissa sue
haha- i totally made my own cake topper based on the patchnyc version pictured in MS weddings too. it was cute, but starting at $500?! my entire wedding cost less than $4,000 so yeah. here's my version from our 10/06 wedding-

that is so wonderful!!! definitely one of the best i've seen ever. good job :D


DIY cake topper

I live in NYC and have been trying to re-create on of these expensive toppers for my friend's wedding. Can't find flesh colored pipe cleaners ANYWHERE. Where did you get those?

Re: DIY cake topper


you should be able to order them from ^that website right there :)
i know the pics on this entry are busted, let me know if you need them, they're in my flickr.

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